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Tool Shed Group, LLC, (TSG, LLC) is a full service strategic communications, public relations, public affairs, business development and fundraising firm. TSG, LLC specializes in international affairs, politics, policy and business development for governments, quasi-governmental entities, NGOs, not-for-profit organizations, executives and corporations throughout the world.
Regions of expertise include: Eurasia, Central and South Asia, and the South Caucasus. Jason also specializes in the Administration, Capitol Hill and state, regional and local levels of government within the United States.​

Director of Public Relations and Public Affairs

American Jewish Committee

June 1998 – May 2006
The American Jewish Committee (AJC) is one of the world's leading human relations and political organizations, attracting some of the greatest minds from the political, academic, diplomatic and business worlds. AJC researches, develops and advocates for a wide breadth of policies, including democratic values, human rights, energy secutity, anti-terrorism, anti-Semitism and many other international and domestic policies.Jason Katz was responsible for the overall image and institutional strategy for AJC in concert with the Western Regional Director. Jason lead AJC's strategic communications programs, initiatives and efforts, including media relations and opinion pieces. Jason was also primarily charged with running and directing the organization’s political and policy shops, which develop and implement AJC’s legislative and political agendas and lobbies on issues such as energy security, homeland security, counter-terrorism, public safety, immigration reform, church-state issues, good government, public education and a wide variety of additional local, state, national and international issues. Jason also served as the lead staff liaison to the not-for-profit community, governments (international and domestic-local, state and Federal levels), many diplomatic missions, intelligence and law enforcement organizations and think tanks.For more detailed information, please email Jason Katz at jason@toolshedgroup.com


Jason Katz, Principal

VP Corporate & Public Affairs, Town Hall, Los Angeles

August 2006 – May 2008 
Town Hall, Los Angeles is a civic organization that shapes and drives public policy through research, white papers, studies and high level interactions in the form of conferences, panels and symposia with elected officials, policy makers and decision makers on international, national, regional and local levels. Jason Katz was primarily responsible for the development of close relationships with business and corporate leaders, elected and appointed officials, diplomats, and policy and decision makers from throughout the world on behalf of Town Hall Los Angeles. Through these close personal and professional relationships, Jason and Town Hall Los Angeles identifed the issues, leaders and headlines of tomorrow in order to shape and infuence the public discourse of today and the future.For more detailed information, please email Jason Katz at jason@toolshedgroup.com

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